Oak Creek Homes Withstood Two Hurricanes

Nancy and Charles Noland’s Oak Creek Home withstood NOT one, but TWO HURRICANES! Hear their story and see how well their home stood up to both Cat. 4 Hurricane Laura and then six weeks later, Cat. 2 Hurricane Delta. The Nolands live in the Sugarloaf Community of Lake Charles, LA, which houses 240+ manufactured homes. We visited with the couple about a week after Hurricane Delta hit the Louisiana area on October 9, 2020. Nearly all the homes in this community were destroyed by both hurricanes. The Noland’s home was not one of them. They said it’s all because of the solid construction of their Oak Creek Home.

Gallery of Damaged Manufactured Homes in The Sugarloaf Community.

The manufactured and mobile homes shown below were built by our competition, not Oak Creek Homes. Oak Creek Homes are builtstrong with quality materials. We build a heavier and sturdier home than our competitors. We also use no vinyl siding on the outside of our homes. Instead, we use a 50-year warranty Smart Panel.  Smart Panel is an engineered wood siding that resists harsh weather and impact damage.

The Noland’s Oak Creek Home was not Damaged

Nancy and Charles Noland’s Oak Creek Home received little to no damage from either Hurricane Laura or Hurricane Delta. Nancy says out the 246 homes in their community that “their home was the least damaged”.

The Oak Creek Homes Difference

Oak Creek homes are builtstrong. Our homes have more wood than the competition, which makes for a heavier and sturdier home. We also use hurricane/wind straps, pieces of metal, we secure to the structure and frame of our homes. This makes the home more resistant to high winds (such as those in hurricanes). This helps keep the home from uplifting, sliding, and overturning. In addition, we use a 47-point inspection system to make sure our homes are installed securely and correctly. Oak Creek Homes builds the heaviest home with the highest resale value in the industry. We can PROVE IT! See why the proof is in the pounds here.

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Manufactured Home Builder Oak Creek Homes has been building heavy homes for over 50 years! We have 18 Oak Creek Home Centers across Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. Click here to see over 100+ model homes we offer. Our homes are built strong out of our two plants in Texas. One in Lancaster. The other in Ft. Worth.


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