AHC builds a wide range of traditional residential manufactured and modular homes. It operates two manufacturing facilities in Texas -- Fort Worth and Lancaster, operating as Oak Creek Homes, Meridian Homes, and Smart Cottage Homes. The company is also certified for the Energy Star® and CeritifiedGreen™ Building programs as the need for new eco-friendly construction grows in the United States.

Controlled Production Environment

Manufacturing Facilities


Oak Creek Homes, Fort Worth, Texas

Meridian Homes, Fort Worth, Texas

Smart Cottage Homes, Fort Worth, Texas

This facility is located on 33 acres in Ft. Worth, Texas. It has been operating for 32 years and the manufacturing facility itself covers 150,000 square feet. Since its inception, this facility has produced more than 23,500 homes and has been building modular homes since 2000.  This location is focused on building quality and affordable modular and HUD code homes along with commercial structures.

Oak Creek Homes, Lancaster, Texas

Meridian Homes, Lancaster, Texas

The second manufacturing facility in Texas, is located on 24 acres in Lancaster, Texas. The Lancaster location has been operating for 23 years and the facility itself covers 95,000 square feet. Since its inception more than 29,000 homes have been produced and has been certified for modular homes since 2003. This facility focuses on building quality HUD code homes.