Oak Creek Homes are Built Strong!

With COVID-19, the safety and refuge of home is now more important than ever. The last thing you want to worry about is losing your home to a natural disaster, like a hurricane! But for those living in coastal areas, hurricane season is now upon us. Hurricane Season 2020 runs from June 1 – Nov. 30.

But there’s no need to stress or add anxiety to your plate if you currently live in an Oak Creek home or are looking to buy one. Our homes have withstood the test of time. We can prove it. When Hurricane Harvey, a category 4 storm, hit on August 17, 2017, there was significant damage to the Texas coastal town of Rockport. Most of the town’s residents suffered severely from its high winds and brutal storm surge. A handful of those who escaped with little damage had something in common: They lived in Oak Creek Homes.

Oak Creek visited Rockport and the surrounding communities immediately after the storm to study how well our construction endured a Category 4 hurricane. Many of the homeowners shared their stories and allowed Oak Creek to document their experience with photographs, interviews and aerial drone video. Many said they were expecting the worst when they returned from evacuating, but were ecstatic to find their home virtually unscathed by Harvey. Only one of the homes in this presentation was actually destroyed, and that customer’s story might be the most amazing of all…


Oak Creek Homes uses only quality materials and builds a heavier home than the competition. Oak Creek Homes also have a higher resale value than other mobile, manufactured, and modular homes according to JD Powers valuation guides. We also us a 47-point inspection system to make sure our homes are installed securely and correctly.

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