Home Site Selection and Home Site Preparation

In part 3 of our Manufactured Home Buying Series, we’ll cover the importance of proper home site selection, home site preparation , and on site construction, as you begin to get ready for your new mobile home, manufactured home, or modular home.

Deed restrictions and zoning considerations

When considering any home site location be sure to check on any local zoning or deed restrictions.  Some home sites that are within city limits may require modular construction standards to meet city code for single family dwellings.  Oak Creek builds a wide range of modular home plans that meet local construction codes for single family dwellings.

Things to consider once you identify your home site

    1. Note the lay of the land. – When you select property, you want to take note of any obvious indications of where the drainage may occur. You do not want to put your home into a low lying area that could allow for water to accumulate under the home.
    2. Note any obstacles that may make delivery more complicated. I suggest that you walk the property and get several different vantage points.  Are there any trees or other natural features that may affect the placement of the home?
    3. Check on “set back” requirements. Knowing how far from the property lines you have to place your home can avoid costly mistakes.
    4. Determine what utilities need to be installed. Does your selected home site already have water, sewer/septic, and electrical available? If your selected home site does not have all of these available – does your dealer provide these general contracting services in addition to the cost of the home? Or will you have to secure those services outside of your purchase agreement? Be sure that the bids are from contractors who have the proper licenses and approvals to do the work in the area that you are putting your home.
    5. Will you need a foundation? Some lenders do not require a concrete foundation as part of the home package while others do.  Modular houses will always require an engineer designed and inspected foundation.  It’s recommended on all of our double wide section homes.  In the State of Texas any new manufactured home that is wider than 16’ and going on private property requires a “home pad” to be installed to help insure proper water drainage.
    6. Have a home site inspection – It’s a good idea to have your dealer do a physical site inspection at your proposed location to help identify any set up or site preparation issues before hand.
    7. Check dealership’s policy for set up inspections – Here at Oak Creek we have decided to use an independent 3rd party engineering firm to inspect all installations of multi-section homes.  Each installation must pass a detailed 47-point set up inspection.  What does your dealer do?
    8. Choose skirting and underpinning, steps and decks – What type of skirting will be put on your home? You have a wide range of choices including vinyl, metal, hardboard, masonry, or other manufactured products.  Some lenders have different requirements so be sure to check with you dealer about what you are getting.

We hope you find this information helpful during the home buying process for your manufactured home, mobile home, or modular home. These are just a few things to consider when making your home site selection and preparing for your home site. Our team members would be happy to help answer any additional questions you might have. Oak Creek Homes has 18 home centers across Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. To find your nearest Oak Creek Homes Center visit www.oakcreekhomes.com or simply fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

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