Oak Creek Homes Can Build a Modular Home on Pilings for Coastal Applications!

Oak Creek Homes is one of the few companies in Texas able to build on or off-frame modular homes on pilings (also referred to as stilts or piers) for coastal applications.  This type of build is necessary when a property lies in a flood zone.  Some of the finer points of building a modular home in a flood plain are outlined below.

Building in a Flood Plain

When building in a flood plain, there are many steps to getting the finished project right.  First, an Oak Creek construction manager will visit with you at your site to determine the scope of the project and the required additional construction items such as pilings, stairs, utility connections, and any driveway or sidewalks.  Next, your construction manager will obtain a flood zone determination letter.  This letter will indicate if your property is in the flood plain as determined by FEMA.  If your property is deemed to be in a flood plain, a survey with an elevation certificate will be ordered on your behalf.  The surveyor will plot the proposed location of your home on your property, and indicate exactly how high the home must be built to be above the base flood elevation (BFE).  These two documents will allow the engineer to design a foundation system that will raise the home sufficiently to meet FEMA requirements for flood insurance.

Wind-Load Considerations

If your property is along the coast, it may have higher wind-load requirements than inland properties.  Oak Creek is one of the few companies in Texas that can meet or exceed the Texas Department of Insurance wind-load requirements for coastal counties, is able to build to 120, 140, or 150 mph wind-load ratings, allowing you to obtain vital windstorm insurance.  This will ensure your coastal property is built to withstand the powerful storm forces that the Texas coast can experience.

Pilings and Placement

The pilings on the coastal modular home you see in the pictures here, which was placed along Galveston Island, are most likely as deep in the ground as they are in the air.

Coastal Modular Home placed on pilings

Once the pilings are in place, they are banded with additional treated lumber to create a sturdy platform on which the new modular home can be placed.

Coastal Modular Home Placed on Stilts

A crane then lifts the home into place. In this case, the steel frame is left behind and placed directly on the banded pilings.

Coastal Modular Home Crane Placement on Stilts

One in place, the modular home is then joined to the foundation with many steel straps to ensure it is permanently attached.

Coastal Modular Home Placed on Pilings

As you can see, this is a very precise and highly challenging build.   No wonder there are only a few builders in Texas that are willing to perform this type of installation.  Oak Creek is proud to say we are one of those few. As far as cost – building a house on pilings adds about $20,000 to $60,000 to your home’s build. Oak Creek Homes offers over 100+ floor plans, many of which can be built as a modular home and put on pilings. See all our homes here. The model pictures is called the Corpus Christi 5051.

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